Improving Philippines Urban Spaces with

Vertical Greenery

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Improving Philippines Urban Spaces with

Vertical Greenery

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Vertical Green Moss Wall

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Benefits of Green Walls

Our green wall transforms the air you breathe. It removes airborne pollutants that can go a long way toward helping you breathe healthier.

Increases oxygen level = Better concentration

Decreases noise level = Better productivity

Reduces heat and cools surrounding = Less energy needing for cooling 

Balances humidity level (40%-60% Relative humidity) = Decrease in airborne viruses

Reduces harmful air chemicals = Better air quality

Enhances air ventilation = 8% increase in performance

Vertical Landscapes for the Highly Urban
Communities in the Philippines

We live in a highly digital age where speed and infrastructure transformations are metrics for progress. Most of us barely spend an hour each day outdoors. Parks and green spaces are becoming smaller and fewer as developments for concrete structure continue to compete for square footage. We don’t oppose this type of progress; we simply want to make it better. We do it by supplying vertical gardening systems with urban communities in the Philippines. As one of the leading green wall companies in the country, we can build you the thinnest green wall that combines plants of different varieties and colors to bring life to your urban space.

More than aesthetics, our green walls add value to your building

Invest in our vertical wall garden solutions and enjoy their numerous benefits: energy efficiency, better aesthetics, and improved indoor air quality. Our low-maintenance vertical garden systems can reinforce your green branding, impress clients, and make your premises more appealing.

We bring nature to the people and places that need it most

People are drawn to nature in times of distress. By introducing our green wall vertical garden solutions into your offices, you encourage wellness among your employees, improve their working conditions, and help them become productive every day.

Transformations that matter

Our vertical garden services restore balance by injecting greenery into the country’s urban centers. Our revolutionary green wall structures bring nature into offices and public spaces without compromising the integrity of the buildings or taking up too much precious floor space.


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