HyGro Wall

Lightest, Thinnest Greenwall System


HyGro Wall

Your Living Wall

The HyGro™Wall structure is made up of different layers of material, combined with varieties of plants selected based on site conditions. HyGro™Wall can be installed in both outdoors and indoors with a fully automated irrigation and fertigation system. Through our thoughtful and strategic planning process, in-depth knowledge, research on plant species and design creativity, we are able to create an intriguing green canvas of biodiversity.

HyGro™Wall is connected to direct water tap and can be customized to fit any wall. The flexibility of our system allows for design creativity and freedom where it is possible to integrate other materials such as timber, stone and marble tiles. Logo, signage and pictures can also be used to showcase a unique vertical greenery experience. It is also available as a standalone structure can be free-standing and do not require any structural wall or backing for support.


Benefits of HyGro  Wall


Why a Green Wall?

Besides being at the cutting edge of design trend, the presence of a vertical garden can also be felt with the increase of urbanization and industrialization in our space today with benefits such as:


  • Contributes to green mark rating

  • Provide heat insulation

  • Energy saving

  • Improve Aesthetic

  • Green branding

  • Create biodiversity

  • Provide acoustic insulation

  • Reduce sound pollution

  • Provide acoustic insulation 

  • Reduce greenhouse effect

  • Improve air quality

  • Reduce sound pollution

  • Space saving 

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