Why Transform Your Hotel into a Green Wall Hotel and Resort?

Transform your hotel or resort using our innovative vertical gardening systems. From run-of-the-mill interiors to lush havens, your guests are sure to enjoy your improved common spaces.

Our biophilic hotel designs integrate greenery into your hotel while maintaining the look and feel of your brand. We guarantee a custom green wall design for your resort that captures your identity and enhances your style.

You no longer need to keep envisioning a relaxing space with harmony between the urban and natural environments, because we can help you accomplish it. Usher in a new era of luxury and greenery with Vertical Green!

5 Benefits of Living Walls in Resorts and Biophilic Hotel Designs

Integrating live plants into your concrete walls may sound far-fetched but having living walls in hotels and a biophilic design in resorts have been proven to greatly benefit their occupants.

Other than upgrading the aesthetics of your hotel or resort and strengthening its branding, greenery boosts your overall visual appeal.

Here are some benefits of having green walls in your hotels and resorts:

Guests Develop a Stronger Bond with Nature

We’ve all wished for a break from the fast-paced lives that modern society expects us to live. Many of us want to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature every once in a while.

Natural elements such as living walls in resorts or hotels help your guests feel more at ease and comfortable in their surroundings.

Seeing preserved green walls and other natural elements allows your guests to forget about their daily lives and focus in the moment. This small, unassuming commune with nature affects your guests’ vacation mindset.

Being one with nature, no matter how brief, is an experience your guests will appreciate.

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Proximity to Nature Improve Your Guests’ Emotional Wellness

Another experience your guests will appreciate is being able to immerse themselves in nature and improve their emotional well-being while relaxing in your hotel or resort.

Foliage in their immediate vicinity can assist them in engaging all their senses and reconnecting their minds to the present. A well-executed biophilic hotel design provides your guests with this holistic experience. It will help them stay grounded to nature while also providing an atmosphere of self-care and mindfulness.

Protecting the Health of Guests and Staff

Having living plants on green walls is a guaranteed way of balancing the humidity in your hotel or resort.

Many academic studies have found that a balanced relative humidity level between 40% and 60% can help reduce airborne viruses. So, by maintaining a healthy humidity level, you can help fight COVID-19 and other disease-causing viruses from inhabiting your space.

This benefits your guests and staff, as they can go about their day knowing there’s less risk of getting sick.

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Conserving Resources

Living plants do more to the air than just balancing humidity. They’re also good for reducing ambient temperatures.

By absorbing and reflecting sunlight, plants help temper the heat during warm days which in turn helps you reduce your hotel or resort’s energy consumption, while making the space more comfortable to your guests.

This allows you to conserve both financial and natural resources.

Higher Guest Satisfaction

A study found that guests who stay at biophilic designed hotels tend to spend more time in the lobby and other social spaces. According to the same study, this makes the experience more memorable for guests, increasing the chance of them returning and even recommending your hotel.

Though it may only seem like a trend, biophilic designs are here to stay. Offices and homes with living walls join biophilic designed resorts and hotels in reconnecting humans with nature.

The benefits of investing in greenery and biophilic designed hotels and resorts, such as overall guest satisfaction, offer lasting value. Ensuring the presence of natural elements in your hotel or resort entices guests to take refuge and relax in the welcoming environment you provide

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Work With Vertical Green for Biophilic Hotel and Resort Designs

Vertical Green is a trusted urban landscaping brand committed to a greener and healthier environment. We can transform any wall into a work of art fit to make your hotel design biophilic. We can connect your guests with nature and highlight your resort through biophilic features.

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Bring nature into your social spaces and reap the many benefits that come from it by working with Vertical Green. 

Contact us to learn more about how Vertical Green can incorporate biophilic designs into your space.

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