NEX Tower

The NEX Tower, located in Manila’s bustling central district, Makati City, is a testament to what happens when architects prioritize the dwellers’ psychological as well as their physical well-being. The building’s unique amenities bring together health, wellness, connection to nature, and access to uplifting spaces as exemplified by the multiple uses of fresh plants, abundant natural light, and its stunning 11-meter high living green wall. This living green wall, which proved to be quite the challenge to install, is the largest of its kind in the entire country. Read more about it in Construction Plus Asia.

Main drop off

The building is located in Makati City, Manila’s central business district, where revitalization is rapid as international enterprises are moving in and spurring a new density in the zone. As populations grow and cities become more complex, architects and engineers have the responsibility to prioritize not only the physical but also the psychological well-being. NEX Tower is oriented toward this principle. It aims to create uplifting, healthy and beneficial environment to its dwellers.

Designed to support responsible and sustainable development, NEX is expected to change the way developers and designers approach their work in the Philippines, because amenities such as health, wellness, connection to nature, and access to uplifting spaces are not just for building tenants but also for the general public.

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