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Living green walls – Outdoors & its benefits

Being in an urbanized city, it is no longer rare to see concrete buildings all around.  With the variety of shopping malls, offices and other commercial buildings, how can one stand out? Well, a living green wall would help.  By incorporating nature with a building structure, it does not only make a facade aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits are plenty too.

In one of our previous write-ups, we discussed the benefits of having a living wall indoors. This time, we’ll focus on the benefits of having green walls on building facades instead, and the factors that would affect a green wall design.

Hotel Indigo @ Katong – Singapore

Air purification

It is the nature of plants that they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  Not only that, they absorb airborne pollutants caused by vehicles and industrial emissions such as carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds. Through the absorption, this helps to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the air, improving air quality.

Urban Heat Island Effect

As population grows, places are continuing to be urbanized by the constructions of residential and commercial buildings, pathways and other concrete structures.  This was made possible by cutting down of trees and plants. Due to this reduction of greenery, temperature has been rising, making the environment hotter. A living green facade would help reduce the heat as plants absorb sunlight, cooling the air and lowering the ambient temperature.  A living green facade reduces the urban heat island effect.


Besides being beneficial towards the environment, having a living green facade tells others that you are concerned with the environment, and shows that you care about the health of the community. Not only that, it contributes to getting a green mark rating as well.


And of course, having a vertical garden builds up visual interest and is attention-catching with its design and variety of plant types.

Summarecon Bekasi – Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Have these pointers intrigued you in getting a living green wall? In order to have the perfect green wall, there are factors that needs to be considered before having a vertical garden installed.  Some of them are as listed below.

Skypark Condominium – Singapore

Choice of plants

Not all plants can survive in both indoor and outdoor conditions.  The selection of plants would therefore be dependent on the environment of where the green wall would be installed on, as it will affect the survival of the plants.


The installation of a green wall will also depend on the access for irrigation and drainage.  Here at Vertical Green, we offer 3 types of green wall systems – direct tap source and drainage system, storage tank system and standalone system.  The intended location of the green wall will determine the type of system that is suitable for it.

Summarecon Mal Serpong – Banten, Indonesia

Also, where sunlight is insufficient, the utility access for additional growth lights has to be taken into consideration too.  Not forgetting the access for maintenance services of the green wall, on whether it is convenient to access in replanting and cleaning up of the green wall.

Vertical gardens improve the environment, be it indoors or outdoors.  With all the factors mentioned above, our team is readily here for your consultation needs should you have any doubts on how the installation of your green wall should be to make sure it works and looks its best. Feel free to contact us to know more!